Cord’s Diversity Fall Event on Employment 2013

Fall Diversity Event:
Disconnects between Employers’ Needs and Labour Market Realities:
Brainstorming on Situations in St. John’s and NL
            Many issues of employment seekers and employers’ ability to hire suitable employees in St. John’s and Newfoundland and Labrador have been brought to our attention. We feel that there is a critical disconnection between would-be employers and hopeful workers in the St. John’s and provincial labour market context. In order to attempt to envision solutions to tackle the mismatch, you and some other key players in the labour market are invited to attend a limited working session of an Employment CORD’s Solutions Group.

The Coalition on Richer Diversity (CORD) is inviting you, as a stakeholder on the employment issue , to a few hours of brainstorming on this local job filling disconnect. This session will focus on:

  1. identifying most common issues from employer and job-seeker perspectives;
  2. brainstorming on possible remedies to problems identified;
  3. suggesting actions, addresses, and a plan to act on the identified critical disconnects;
  4. defining an agenda and a list of potential individuals and organizations for a Diversity Winter Event on Employment where more options will be explored and the outcomes of this brainstorming activity will be further discussed and outcomes will be reported to relevant players and/or potential partnerships will be proposed.
Another value for the day will be that participants may meet and learn about the work of various players in the local employment field.

CORD, in its position as an umbrella group concerned mainly with improving the settlement situation for refugees and immigrants in St. Johns and NL, will write up a detailed report on the overall findings of both meetings. This report will be a public record of issues raised and solutions suggested by people significantly involved in the issues.

As this is only a working planing session he number of attendees is limited and preference will be given to front line organizations related to employment support, career development, employers groups and associations and similar ones. To register for the event or for more information, please contact projects at or call us at 754-4122

Please come and share your ideas and learn more from others

Tuesday, October 29th, 2012
9:00 am – 1:00 pm
St. Teresa’s Parish Board Room
Mundy Pond Road
Admission: Free

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