Diversity Winter Event on Employment – Report 2014

On March 13th, 2014 the Coalition on Richer Diversity hosted a Diversity Winter Event on Employment at St. Teresa’s Parish Hall. Participants were invited to join us for a day of presentations and small group discussions about issues facing both employees and employers in the province. The purpose of the event was to form productive, positive solutions to address the Disconnect in the Newfoundland Labour Market between employers and job seekers.

CORD’s work in the community has revealed that there are many job seekers, with myriad skill levels, who are having considerable difficulty finding suitable employment. Similarly, employers in the metro area have expressed frustration while trying to find suitable employees for their businesses. CORD’s intention was to bring various stakeholders in employment together to discuss some of the barriers causing this Disconnect and to hypothesize potential solutions to them.

Here is the final report of the discussions. Please feel free to download it. Any comments please Cord’s email e-mail us.

CORD’s Report for the Winter Event on Employment 2014, pdf doc. Please right click and “save link as” to your system

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