About Us

CORD: What is it about

The Coalition on Richer Diversity (CORD) is an umbrella organization that enriches the community by bringing people together and being a resource. It reaches out to organizations and groups of immigrants and those who provide social services to collaborate, to offer networking opportunities, and to help them grow to be diversity-sensitive.

CORD’s aim is to create more opportunities, assess needs, further develop services and ease the pressures on social support systems. CORD crosses the boundaries between immigrants and the long-standing population of the province as well as those who walk between the various types of social services. Through research, education, outreach, and mediation, this umbrella organization will work to identify what is being done, who is doing it, what needs to be done, and who can do it.

CORD’s Mission

To increase the capacity and well being of the province by building relationships and a sense of common purpose; as an umbrella organization CORD acts as cultural and community brokers by bringing together people and organization to collaborate, share information and build richer community networks.

CORD’s Vision

To take part in a welcoming society where individuals, groups, and organizations collaborate by sharing ideas, resources and a common dream to eliminate barriers where differences exist. CORD believes that sharing and cooperation are the only means to a hopeful future for diversity.

Our Values

• Learning

• Cultural sensitivity

• Transparency

• Collaboration

• Networking

• Finding solutions

CORD’s Structure

Cord’s structure is a holistic schema rising from the root’s base through its core group of individuals and organizations, reaching out to others and promoting solutions and new approaches. In doing so, CORD addresses the needs of everyone’s clientele whom in turn will feed back into the roots at its base to keep an organic cycle alive, self promoting and thus renewing itself.

The CORD’S Solutions Groups

are a forum where proactive and energetic community members come together where they see a need for raising awareness to promote causes or issues they feel strongly about. In the Solutions Groups, individuals search for answers together and share solutions equally concerning matters of diversity, immigration and community. At this early stage in its development, CORD has created the following Solutions Groups: Education, Employment, Health, Youth, Community and Solutions Structuring. These groups may evolve as we work together. Solutions Group members may come from any background, including but not limited to: professional associations, government departments, unions, post-secondary institutions, and immigration and community service agencies.

Inclusion Statement

The Coalition On Richer Diversity welcomes and encourages diversity and differences in opinion. The CORD Solutions Groups are safe spaces, free from any form of discrimination (based on religion, race, national or ethnic origin, colour, culture, ethnicity, citizenship, sex, gender, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, socioeconomic status, life experience, language, age, etc.). We actively seek and support the involvement of individuals and communities that reflect diversity. The Solutions Groups are inclusive. They are open to anyone in the community who would like to participate. All voices will be heard and validated