CORD’s Activities

CORD’S Activities
The Coalition is a formal relationship among a group of individuals and organizations committed to action towards better integration of newcomers and long-term residents of the province. It has a:

Governance Board comprised of members reflecting the range of interests of the member organizations. Its hub is a Secretariat, which directs and monitors the Coalition’s activities, and involves the help of member organizations and individuals as well as contract specialists to conduct its work.
Clearinghouse for collection of information from member’s organizations and individuals as well as other sources, and dissemination of information through multimedia means as well as on request;
Solutions Groups formed from interested organizations and individuals to look for ways to address specific issues on topics such as education, health, outreach, employment, support, community, etc.
Outreach Work to individuals and organization not yet involved with the Coalition, by building relationships, increasing cultural sensitivity, offering networking opportunities and knowledge as well as making the results of CORD’s work known in the community.
Research Projects funded by external sources and conducted either directly under the Secretariat or through one of the Solutions Groups.