How to Contribute

How to Contribute

The Coalition on Richer Diversity (CORD) is an umbrella organization and its purpose is to enrich the community by bringing people like you together. CORD is also a resource by offering each other information on what is being done and by celebrating successes together. Through your attendance and your contribution you help CORD reach out to organizations, groups of immigrants and those who provide community and social services and encourage them to collaborate, to offer networking opportunities, while helping them grow to be diversity-sensitive.

CORD’s aim is to create more opportunities, assess needs, further develop services and ease the pressures on social support systems. CORD builds bridges between immigrants and the long-standing population of the province as well as those who those who may need help with the various types of community, governmental and available social services. Through research, education, outreach, and mediation, this umbrella organization will work to identify what is being done, who is doing it, what needs to be done, and who can do it.

Areas where you can contribute

How you can do it

  • Leadership
  • Take the lead
  • Support by participation
  • Take active part of discussions
  • Take specific tasks
  • Help with the tasks to be done
  • Collaborate with others
  • Lend a hand and share your expertise
  • Help improve networking opportunities
  • Bring friends, co-workers, refer others
  • Simply helping on events and activities
  • Our events and activities are fun and need you
  • Come and socialize with us and make new friends
  • Have coffee or tea and sit with us

CORD Volunteering Availability
So, you want to get involved with CORD? You like the concept? That’s great!

Take a look at the table below and see where you fit.


For people who


Time Commitment


Level 1


Can make most monthly Solutions Groups but are not satisfied to just think and dream about solutions, they want to (an have the time to) take action and work on the practical implementation of the solutions

-Be a regular member of a Solutions Group

-Take a lead role within a Solutions Group, either through leading the group and/ or being a member of working sub-committees


6 or more hours a month


Level 2


Can make most monthly Solutions Groups meetings and want to contribute to the solutions and issues at hand, but do not have the time or are not interested or able to work on the action plans.

-Be a regular member of a Solutions Group

-Provide feedback and input into action plans and solutions

– Not necessarily on the working sub-committee


At least 3 hours a month


Level 3


Can make some meetings but who may:

– Not have consistent schedules

– Just want to check it out

– Have interest in many groups

– Want to come to network, for a sense of community, etc.

-Attend Solutions Group meetings when available and/or float between the various groups



When available


Level 4


May not necessarily want to be involved in the Solutions Groups but may want to: support CORD/ meet new people/ help when available/ have particular skills to offer/ have a busy schedule

– Available to help out with solutions group meetings and/or other CORD events

(How?? Any way you want. I.e. childcare, cleanup, setup, transportation, painting posters, errands etc.)


When available

Level 5


Have expertise in a particular area and/or may not be able to be directly involved with CORD (due to conflict of interest, etc._)

– May have something to donate (in-kind)

– Deliver an informative presentation

– Make an in-kind donation

– Come to our meetings once in a while

Level 6

Would like to/ and are able to contribute financially to support CORD in its endeavors

– Monetary contribution

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